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Beatrix [V0.2] by Obscure

The Demon Lord gathered all the most powerful and deadly monsters in the world and placed them in dungeons. Conveniently ordered weakest to strongest ...

Matrix Hearts [v0.2.2] by Blue Otter Games

He was supposed to be somebody. He was going to be a contender! Then he took a rock climbing wall to the knee. A would-be Olympic climber sustains an ...

Futa Forest [Final] by Sa Nya Nya

This is a small, fun journey of a young magician in the old forest. Will he come to the heart of the forest? Or fall into the hands of another futanari?

2069 [v0.1.2] by Kamikoni Arts

Tony from childhood dreamed of becoming a racer and achieving a world championship. After long and hard training, he manages to gain popularity and au ...

Not rated

Tough Girls [Demo] by Jamescrab

It's Club Sign-Up day at school, but Kimberly runs into an issue on the way. Well, more like three issues! --- Kimberly wants to make it to ...

Knight of Lust [v0.5] by Magic Mushrooms

Knight of lust is a visual novel in the dating sim genre (18+). The game take places in the fantasy Middle Ages. In this game you play as a young guy ...

An encounter from the past [v1.0] by ASM Studio

Emma was about to dine at one of her usual places, when she happened across someone she hadn't seen in a while. What follows is a very short and quick ...

Jedi Trainer [v1.0] by IndianaTK

Asmodea Hollow, one of the best young Jedi to leave the academy. Excellence in every department and mastery of almost every ability..... except the da ...

Buchicome ☆ High kick! [Final] by Aokumashii

A girl took the same route every time, even though she had a sneaky premonition bad things would happen. One day, she stopped to pee in a park toilet, ...

Swords & Girls [Final] by Eory

A roguelike action game where you can make friends with naughty monsters!

Time Stop Champion [v1.0] by Mad Donce

A man wakes up with the ability to stop time. What will he do with it?

Dark Forest Stories: Dora The Explorer [v1.1] by TheDarkForest

Overview Dora the explorer is a modest and kind girl... are you sure about this? Tales of "Dark Forest" will tell you the story she would like to keep secret

An Eventful Night [v1.0] by TaliusNTR

A husband discovered his deep, twisted fantasy in one eventful night.

The Psychologist [v2.0] by PhillyGames

This is a short comic made using a game engine to make the story more compelling. You play as a male (insert name) who goes to his psychologist and ends up doing the naughty naughty

Saving the Altar Boi [Demo 6] by Ale_Hibiki

You take the shoes of Chihiro, an Altar Boi for a seedy church, only staying due to their best friend, Minato being in the church as well. But one fai ...

Phasmohentaia [v0.4.0.1] by Mr.Xcy

It's been over a month since strange things began happening around your home, you can't sleep, your work suffers and your love-life is over. Maybe now ...

Mushi no Kangoku [v0.70] by Mr. 183

The hero is attacked by insects while exploring the island.

Not rated

unpublished [Unknown] by Unknown

A young man on the border of existential crisis, is trying to find the meaning of his life. Playing "The Game or facing the universe around him gets h ...

Slice of Venture Origins [v1.1] by Blue Axolotl

Yuki and Ayame are two sisters who are visiting their uncle's farm for the first time. Discovering a whole part of their family they had never met bef ...

Bring a Bottle of Wine [v0.6] by Stokkafilippo

Alan is going to move in another city. All is ready but a fortuitous part-time job could change everything. Will he be able to really understand what is happening around him?

Milf Guard [Prologue] by Milf Guard

A young man whose mother has passed into the outside world in a car accident. He has to be the protector of all milfs. But there's something you don't ...

Romance + DLC [Final] by ADOG

Romance It is a love oriented short visual novel, which contains a wealth of interesting games and a large number of exquisite CG pictures. The man li ...

Shera and the Three Treasures [v1.06] by Asgar Knights/Kagura Games

After the rise of a new Demon Lord, it falls on the chosen hero from an ancient bloodline to stop them. However, due to a curse cast upon him, he must ...

Holiday [v1.0] by ExerGames

This is a story where you play an 18 year old boy about to go off to college in just 2 weeks, and his mature neighbor Mrs. Holiday.

Long and Hard...Summer! [v0.84] by Inlet Pipe Productions

Being a freshman at the university is harder than you thought. After failing your first semester, you've lost your hope for fun during the summer vaca ...

Le Desir [v0.2] by Wild Candy Production

You take on the role of a 40 year old housewife named Antonia. You experience her everyday life full of temptations and it becomes even more difficult ...

Shaggy's Power [v0.0.6.5p] by Fin

Team Scooby's latest investigation ends in a complete nightmare! Left with no money and no place to live, they are forced to stay in an unfamiliar tow ...

Not rated

One More Simple Story [v0.1.15_Beta] by EVGART

A girl who has just arrived in a big city and many trials await her. How she copes with them will be up to the player to decide.

Hana's Exposure [v0.62 Stable] by Flimsy

Hana's Exposure is a game that mainly focuses on exposure where you follow Hana as she tries to earn money, so she can go home after being stranded in ...

Not rated

Under Control [v0.1.08A] by Slusiom

Under Control is a visual novel that is in a very early stage of development, you will start controlling the life of a young man who wants to break wi ...