The Tentacularly Adorned Priestess

Corruption Tentacles Pregnancy Oral sex Creampie Female protagonist Titfuck Rape Japanese game Internal view 2dcg Vaginal sex Censored

About game:

Helen's childhood dream became true after a long period when she finally took her first steps as a nun. Having her goal up ahead in the distance, she works hard on learning purification spells day and night. One day, when Helen comes to her senses she finds herself in a completely unfamiliar place. Soon she realizes that her nun uniform was ripped off and she wears a set of strange lingerie instead. She feels at a loss for a while, and even worse, despite her efforts to dig up her memories, she does not remember how she was brought here. "I have to escape from here either way..." Helen starts walking for an exit. At that moment, Helen has not yet noticed that the lingerie she wears is wiggling...
- Tentacle Suit Gauge This lascivious piece of clothing is just waiting for any opportunity it can get to run wild and feed on Helen's erotic pleasure... When the gauge fills up, she will fall victim to tentacle torment......!? - Erotic Trap Escape Scenes When falling for a trap, she will be violated until escaping! If she ends up having an orgasm the tentacle gauge will increase and...... - Tentacle Suit Pose Art Display Helen's constant violation and humiliation at the slimy appendages of the tentacle suit is visible by her pose art. Can be toggled ON / OFF. - Pose Art Erotica Writhe and resist violations by the tentacle suit which randomly occurs! Cartoon-ish sfx captions spice up the scenes! * Command input mini-game begins. If failed......? - Map Display The dungeon is a complicated intertwining maze...! Use the map to help you on your way to freedom...!! [Situations] Traps, interspecies sex, wooden horse, lewdness inducing, irrumatio, seedbed, tentacle suit, titjob, corruption by pleasure, vore and more!



Developer: WindWave

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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