Faux Saint's Heretic Hunting

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About game:

Defeat of the false saints' paganism On the continent of Midora, there are two opposing faiths: the pure white holiness religion and the lustful flesh evil religion. Whenever a hundred years pass and the century changes, the Holy Faith and the Evil Faith summon their saints and witches from other worlds through summoning rituals. However, the summoning ritual succeeds only once every hundred years, and the successful party will lead the course of the next hundred years of this world.
In the previous hundred years, the Pure White Holy Church succeeded in summoning the saints and, the Holy Church became the main faith on the continent of Midora. However, the followers of the evil religion did not disappear completely; on the contrary, they remained confined to their dark corners, where bandits, rogues, and It even embraced goblins, quietly developing and secretly growing stronger, quietly waiting for the right moment to strike back. At the turn of the century, a young girl named "Puella," who had been languishing in the original world, was summoned to the continent of Midora as a saint. But she has no interest in a high-risk, low-return job like that of a saint. He was single-mindedly focused on finding a way to return home. The priests of the Pure White Holy Church gradually learned of this part of the story, and their suspicions about her being a saint grew. With nowhere to run, Puella had no choice but to take on the dangerous mission of defeating the evil cult of lustful flesh. While proving himself in battle, he manages to escape the Church's control.



Developer: WhitePeach

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Unity

Languages: English, Japanese

Platforms: Windows

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