Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise!

Big tits Adventure Male protagonist Oral sex Titfuck Management 2dcg Point & click Vaginal sex

About game:

The gameplay is a click adventure combined with an employee management system. You can hire multiple girls to work for you, talk to them, feed them, change their outfit, give raises to them, have sex with them, and much more. You own your own fast food business and you must take down other fast food businesses around the city in order to have more girls available to hire and fuck.



Developer: White Honey Games

Status: Completed

Version: v0.8.5

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [White Honey Games]

Rating: Not rated

Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! Fast Food 2 [v1.00]

HMFM Fast Food 2 is the sequel to HMFM Fast Food. You are the owner of your own fast food restaurant and you must hire girls by shutting down competin ...


Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! Fast Food 3 [v0.1.2]

The 3rd iteration of the fast food management hentai game is here! This is an early version so expect it to not be polished. I am still working on the ...


Hire Me, Fuck Me - Idols Audition [v1.0.0]

Hire Train and Fuck

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