Neko-nin exHeart +Plus Nachi

Male protagonist Harem Monster girl Japanese game Kinetic novel 2dcg Vaginal sex

About game:

A standalone short sequel DLC story featuring Nachi. Does not require the original game to play. Yura and Tama have openly declared themselves as cat ninja of our protagonist. That being said, the two of them live their lives as house cats would. Impressed by the protagonist's desire to become a better Master for his ninja, Nachi decides to train the protagonist. What happens when Nachi finds herself glued to our protagonist as well...? Updated: 2/Nov/17 Developer: Whirlpool Publisher: Denpasoft & Sekai Project VNDB: Censorship: None Version: Final OS: Windows Language: English Genre:
2dcg, male protagonist, kinetic novel, adv, neko, catgirl Prequel: Neko-nin exHeart Installation:
1- Extract to desired location. 2- Click on "nekonin_nachi.exe" to start playing. DOWNLOAD (Patched 18+) WORKUPLOAD 1 - WORKUPLOAD 2 - GOFILE - MEGA - MIXDROP - PIXELDRAIN - UPLOADHAVEN - Game or DLC Torrent Adult DLC GOFILE - MEGA - MIXDROP - UPLOADHAVEN - ZIPPYSHARE


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Whirlpool

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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