What Is Real?

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About game:

"What is Real" is a porn life simulation game of the girl "Emma" that have a good amount of immersive scenes, adventure, and a mind-blowing story. I update the game regularly and try to satisfy different tastes. You will have the freedom to choose what you see and avoid what you don't like. The game progressed a lot in a couple of weeks, imagine what it can be in a year Hope you enjoy the game!
The game is about corrupting your character and the NPCs living with her. The events have a bit of romantic taste. The story has not started yet but it is almost finished in writing and it is intended to be inspired by the simulation theory Project X: Trailer



Developer: What is real?

Status: In progress

Version: v0.2 Elisa story

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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