Rise Of Velshara

Rpg Monster Futa/trans Female protagonist Monster girl 2dcg

About game:

Long ago, the evil Demon Queen Velshara plagued the land by imparting humankind with insatiable lust, using humans as her playthings. Using a powerful ritual, they eventually managed to banish her back to the demon realm, and thus, she cursed humanity, preventing any male children from ever being born.
In order to save humanity from slowly dying out, Lumira, The Goddess Of Light, granted a blessing: the futanari, women born with the genitals of men and thus being able to impregnate normal women. To help contain the Demon Queen, the Grand Cauldron was carved from Earth, a huge valley surrounding Velshara’s castle. However, the Demon Queen will return on the 18th birthday of the futanari fated to prevent her return to the mortal realm. This futanari’s name is Layla Damoire…and in order to stop Velshara, she needs to battle horny monstergirls and humans under Velshara’s power, trying her best not to succumb to her lust, or else they will turn her into one of their own…



Developer: Vanja & Cupcake Valkyrie

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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