Endure & Escape -Pregnant Elf and Forest Mansion-

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About game:

A sudden raid on the Elves' village drove Fina out of the village. But most ways are blocked, including a teleport magic circle... She runs into an old mansion. Here she......?
* Note This game focuses on pregnant belly and birthing. Please be warned. * Game Progress her way while defeating enemies. She receives some damage with a certain number of steps. The battle takes place in a typical TKool series manner. Cheat functions loaded: - Maximizing HP / MP (affects the score) - Unlocking all H scenes - Almost all H scenes happen when defeated by enemies. - It is possible to clear this game without any r*pe scenes. * Situations 12 base CGs (120+ including variations) * She is already pregnant in the beginning of the story. * Basically, the story ends up in birthing. - Tentacles - Interspecies r*pe - Insect r*pe - Slime - Orc And more * System Message skip / Back log / Fast battle functions implemented.



Developer: Ururuc

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (machine translated)

Platforms: Windows

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