Imager App

About game:

Imager App is a no-nonsense, rapid-fire, image/video JOI application. This game is intended for people who archive images and short videos. If you are someone who has been waiting for a way to fap to all of those juicy pics and animations you've been downloading over the years, look no further. Imager App gets right to the point, it's time to fap. There are several ways to customize your app with many features:
3 Metronomes Styles: Metronome sound ON/OFF. Three kinds of metronomes. If more than one is enabled, the app plays them randomly. Can be disabled individually. Speeds can be assigned to them individually incase you want to assign a specific type of fap to a metronome. Customizable Display Times: Choose how long images are displayed using Min/Max time displayed options. Love an Image: Some of your stuff is just better than rest, I know! Click the "Love" button and Imager App will remember it. Loved images can be displayed longer and have faster metronomes. How much longer? How much faster? That's totally up to you!! Customizable in your options. Score Tracking: Imager App tracks the number of appearances, stage time, and if metronomes are enabled, the app tracks how many faps occurred while being displayed as well. These numbers are tallied and applied to the images score. In your options, images with a "Top Score" (top 10%) can also have faster metronomes! Warning: Those speeds are added to the "Loved" speeds, please consider this or you'll cum every time a top image appears. If you cum while an image is shown, it tracks that too and displays it on the side and that image/animation score goes way up! Much More: Play, Pause, Skip, Remove Image, Progress Bar, Hide/Show UI.... now stop reading and start fapping!


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Tribe

Status: In progress

Version: v.92

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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