IA2: Cock Hero Adventure : Imagine Erotic Application

Male protagonist Masturbation Teasing Animated Real porn

About game:

IA has returned and is no longer simply an application. You can still throw any image or video compatible with Ren'Py in the folders and add it to the game, but now there's much more! While the goal remains to provide the player with a simple fapping experience, you'll find the beginnings of a world that provides objectives and atmosphere. You'll still be stroking one out most of the time, but with the addition of the new Adventure Mode, you'll be confronted with enemies and instructed to endure pleasures only limited by your imagination. Imagine Erotic Application continues to push the boundaries of the gaming experience for those who want to set their own limitations and make their own rules. Throughout the experience, you will not encounter a situation that cannot be customized in some way, from the enemies you encounter to the difficulty they provide. Thread Updated: 2023-09-05 Release Date: 2023-09-05 Developer: Tribe Patreon Discord Censored: No Version: 2.01 OS: Windows, Linux, Mac Language: English Genre:
Masturbation, JOI, Real porn, Animated, Teasing Installation:
1. Extract 2. Add compatible images/animations to: Your Images, Cock Hero, and Enemies folder. (Each folder has a README file that will give you quick and easy examples.) 3. Run Changelog:
v2.01 Release Developer Notes:

Humanity has fallen? Add a level of complexity to your experience by embarking on an adventure to feed succubi in exchange for a hot meal. In this game mode, you set the pace and the difficulty. Through a layered, fully interactive grading system, you decide how difficult the content is on your own. Meet and interact with enemies and build favor with them. Eventually, the truth behind the darkness that looms on the horizon will be uncovered, but you'll have to stroke your way to the truth.
3 Metronomes Styles: Metronome sound ON/OFF. Three kinds of metronomes. If more than one is enabled, the app plays them randomly. Can be disabled individually. Speeds can be assigned to them individually if you want to assign a specific type of fap to a metronome. Customizable Display Times: Choose how long images are displayed using Min/Max time displayed options. Love an Image: Some of your stuff is just better than the rest, I know! Click the "Love" button and Imager App will remember it. Loved images can be displayed longer and have faster metronomes. How much longer? How much faster? That's totally up to you!! Customizable in your options. Score Tracking: Imager App tracks the number of appearances, stage time, and if metronomes are enabled, the app tracks how many faps occurred while being displayed as well. These numbers are tallied and applied to the images score. In your options, images with a "Top Score" (top 10%) can also have faster metronomes! Warning: Those speeds are added to the "Loved" speeds, please consider this or you'll cum every time a top image appears. If you cum while an image is shown, it tracks that too, and displays it on the side and that image/animation score goes way up! Much More: Play, Pause, Skip, Remove Image, Progress Bar, Hide/Show UI.... now stop reading and start fapping!
This game mode is almost identical to Imager App v2 except it only uses content from your rounds and breaks folders. This mode will show rounds at random, followed by a clip from your breaks folder at random. This will be similar to how most cock hero videos are (with a round or two and a break in between), except you'll be using the rounds you want and viewing only the breaks you want. Imager App began when I was looking for a JOI application that didn't require me to hang myself from a ceiling fan until I edged myself 10 times... Which is fine but everything should be done in moderation, right? After searching for years I was so tired that I just made one on my own. IA will never be able to compete with an app that is more tailored to your preferences; however, my goal is to create a dependable, fully customizable, and universal fallback. The cock hero adaptation emerged from the same vein. The concept of CH videos provides a unique experience that you can't get anywhere else. There remains, however, a constant disconnection between the developers and viewers. More and more you find videos with rounds that ask you to fap at break-neck speeds or show something that spoils the moment. Should we discard their individual efforts despite the fact that the remaining content is quite good? I've made CH videos in the past and they can take months to complete. The community has responded by remixing videos and uploading them again only to repeat the mistakes of their masters. How about another approach? I created a Cock Hero mode to remix your favorite rounds and breaks. Finally, one day I found myself searching through the stuff over at Milovana because I played indyc's Trials of the Succubus and thought "Holy shit. Is there more like this?" (the answer is no btw) and I came across a game in which you simply move, engage an enemy, and fap. Simple. It was a great idea in my opinion, and it ranked about as high as it could. The only problem was that your enemies would appear, flash their nasty flurps, and tell you to jerk it fast! A great effort and a great game that didn't quite connect with me because the images didn't suit my tastes. I tried to figure out how many games fail to meet expectations because of something like that. There aren't enough good games being made these days that we can afford to overlook them. That's when I decided to use IA's code to begin working on an adventure game with fully customizable enemies and encounters. While this is considered to be a side-project of mine, I still have a strong vision for this game's future. The plan is to break the adventure portion off the rest of the game once it reaches a certain point in development. Interactions will involve toggling ON/OFF fapping to enemies, random images, random videos, and CH rounds. There will be a simple story and meaningful interactions. My goal is to make this the most customizable and modifiable JOI game to date. I hope that I may receive your feedback, comments, and suggestions. It is my wish that we may work together to make this game into something really special. Please read the Dev notes for features DOWNLOAD Win/Linux: MEGA - GDRIVE - GOFILE - MIXDROP - PIXELDRAIN - WORKUPLOAD It has been reported that the mac version is unable to run. A solution is being worked on at this time. Thank you Mac: MEGA - GDRIVE - GOFILE - MIXDROP - PIXELDRAIN - WORKUPLOAD Image/Animation Pack: MEGA - GDRIVE - GOFILE - MIXDROP - PIXELDRAIN



Developer: Tribe

Status: In progress

Version: v.2.01

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac


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