Brazen Sonnet

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About game:

This is a love story about how you found a woman washed up near a river who lost her memory and the trials the two of you face after returning to mend her life back together. As you are exposed to the elements of her past things become much more complicated. Following the introduction of the story, it will be up to you as the player to navigate these dangerous challenges while preserving your love (Although, your love interest may not be the same as when you first started!). I invite you to embark on your journey in this brazen sonnet where many people will die and not even know the reason why. Extended Overview (Spoilers):
In your wife's alternative life, she is a spy (Codenamed Widow) and circumstances led you and herself back to her home country (Implied modern-day Japan). Your wife finds out that another woman slept with you and has possibly caused you irreparable damage during the act. Things continue to evolve quickly as your wife goes on a tear for answers and vengeance and your employer reveals that they are somehow connected to the incident. Meanwhile, resources are spent and deals are struck to preserve your health. In order to make a stand against and prevent this attack on you from progressing further, you'll have to engage in sexual activities with women. While this may seem like a horrible experience, you will not be alone, as you will be surrounded by friends who are secretly moving behind the scenes to bring everything back to their natural state of being. Note: Please check dev notes for some info on the content delivery and tags.



Developer: Tribe

Status: Abandoned

Version: v3.1

Censored: Yes

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac


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