That Girl Fan Remake

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About game:

It was an ordinary day like the others... While you are driving back to your home you saw a girl. She was beaten by a drunk man... Listening to her crying was the worst thing in the world. She was begging for mercy, begging for him to stop but he was not stopping he kept hitting her. You can't watch this anymore, what could she have done to deserve this? And you decided to save her. This Remake is a complete overhaul of content up to Chapter 7 with new paths, scenes and mechanics. It's a work in progress - I have plans but I'm also busy. It was shared on Orion's discord ... (if you knew it there - sadly no new content since last time) but I thought I'd upload it here for other users to enjoy/provide feedback/complain about NTR.



Developer: Timmy Reed

Status: In progress

Version: v0.6 Beta

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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