Lust Is Stranger

Rpg Corruption 3dcg Mind control Adventure Male protagonist Male domination Masturbation Fantasy Bukkake Oral sex Handjob Creampie Romance Blackmail Teasing Superpowers Simulator Stripping Voyeurism Parody Groping School setting Side-scroller Animated Cheating 3d game Puzzle Pov Vaginal sex 2d game Drugs Anal sex

About game:

The natural flow of events in a small town school starts to derail when a new student wakes up, in a classroom not knowing exactly how he ended up there. While exploring the place, he discovers this strange incident seems to be affecting everyone around, and now it's up to him to decide how he will tackle (or take advantage of) the situation.



Developer: The Architect

Status: In progress

Version: v0.13

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac

More games from: [The Architect]


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