Pussy Licking as a Job

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About game:

Have you ever wanted to get paid for pussy licking? Feel like a sex worker in this game.
Pussy Licking as a Job is an Android game in which you have to work in a massage parlor. Naturally, this is just a cover. You are actually a student who provides sex services to unsatisfied clients. You are very good at oral sex. You are not proud of yourself. You perceive pussy licking as a job. You convince yourself that this is a temporary job and once you have raised enough money, you will stop doing it. But you have to pay for college. Besides, you are a young man in a big city where there are many temptations. You need money all the time, so you answer your clients over and over again and do what they tell you to do. Pussy Licking as a Job is a rewarding text game. What does this mean? You chat with girls who tell you about their preferences. It looks like a text chat with dirty talk. If the woman enjoys this conversation, she agrees to pay for your services. And then you get a hot video as a reward. It's kind of like a reconstruction of exactly how you will lick her pussy for money. If you don't communicate well with the girl, then she refuses to pay you money for sex. But you will have other attempts to charm her. Or you can choose another woman. It all depends on you. As the name suggests, Pussy Licking as a Job is an Android game for guys who are crazy about oral sex. Pussy licking, face sitting, domination and humiliation are the main fetishes of this erotic text game. Some guys have a very specific attitude towards pussy licking. Some men want to do it over and over again. Other guys think that it's beneath their dignity. In this game, pussy licking brings you not only pleasure, but also money. Just don't say that you have never thought about it.



Developer: TextHotFun

Status: Completed

Version: v1.0

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Android


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