Sword Maiden of Azure Dragon

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About game:

Our heroine of the story is a spirited bi-sexual dragon-born princess. Her travels brought her to a foreign land gripped by an insidious plot with a dark purpose, she must gather her allies and defeat the ultimate evil, using her sword, her wits, and of course her insatiable body. Throughout her adventure there will be many chances to satisfy her lust with selection of men and women, that’s for you to decide.
The game is an Epic RPG adventure set in a magic world. It is made with RPG MV and the main plot line will consist of eight chapters so rest assured there will be plenty of quests/side quests in both traditional and sexual nature; a good amount of sex CGs and more sexual encounter in every perverse way you can imagine! Apart from the H content and main plot line, there’re many side quests too. Some even affects the ending to some extent. Only by making the right choice will you arrive at the end game and achieve the True Ending of the story.



Developer: Tentacle3G

Status: Completed

Version: v1.12&DLC

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: Chinese, English

Platforms: Windows

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