World's Crossing Academy

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About game:

The game is set in a world where fantasy races exist, but in separate dimensions. Through the development of Goblin technology, these dimensions were able to be bridged, and the World's Crossing Academies were created. We've all dreamed of living on another world at some point. In this world, it is possible. Those who are interested in living amongst another species can go through schooling at the World's Crossing Academy to learn that culture. Schooling begins at the Academy branch on your homeworld. Then you'll move to the Nexus Academy between worlds. Finally, you'll attend finishing school on the world you chose. Sounds pretty epic, right?
A Little Something For Everyone For World's Crossing, we wanted a very diverse cast of characters. In reality, many different body and personality styles exist, and the inclusion of fantasy races allows us to take that to the extreme. People have different tastes, and we wanted to cover as many of those as we could. Perhaps you're intrigued by the hulking, muscle-bound Goliath? Or the tiny, mischievous Pixie? Maybe the elusive Fire Genasi catches your attention? Perhaps you fancy a fellow martial artist who could teach you a thing or two about fighting? Or maybe you're interested in fantasy races that aren't traditionally considered attractive, such as Goblins? We wanted a vast array of options and aesthetics, but we also wanted each of these characters to be more than hollow shells that are nice to look at. Each of these characters will have a deep, lovingly crafted story of their own. We're hoping that each route you choose will have hours worth of content you'll be thinking about even when you're not playing the game. The Element of Danger No story is complete without a source of conflict. In World's Crossing Academy, our main character is plagued by a stalker. Cecilia wants you all to herself, and if you're not careful with how often you interact with the other girls, you could be putting them or yourself in serious danger. Though broken, Cecilia is cunning and intelligent, and is more than capable of putting other girls in the Infirmary. Time in the Infirmary means time you can't interact with them or complete their quests, so be careful. Real Consequences Often, your choices can lead to undesirable things happening. We felt this was a realistic approach to take, and it offered the game some tension. However, we also felt that including mechanics that lead to a Game Over would leave a sour taste in players' mouths, so we explored and settled on the idea that every event in the game serves to unlock something, or leads to something else. Who knows? Spending time in the Infirmary yourself may allow you to meet a character you otherwise wouldn't...



Developer: TeamEmberWings

Status: In progress

Version: v0.1.5.81

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux

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