Forward Ho

Rpg Corruption Big tits Adventure Male protagonist Fantasy Monster Pregnancy Oral sex Netorare Creampie Multiple endings Romance Dating sim Teasing Titfuck Rape Turn based combat Groping Combat Japanese game Big ass Virgin Humiliation Cheating 2dcg Pov Vaginal sex 2d game Sex toys Censored Sandbox

About game:

When the king of Galox Castle sent his second daughter Fio to the island of Mievel to confirm the truth of a legendary flower, Fio took voyage with Sein (name customizable) but...... also in their party was Sein's younger sister Litty.
Mievel was Sein's birthplace...... Upon his return he met Takuto and Syuzel and began a legendary challenge at "the tower of first and last"... a challenge regarding the legendary Star Flower... The growing party was joined by three girls, Loremi, Rumil and Lufalia, and Nekoko the cat who could not return home. 8 persons, and 1 cat, begin an adventure in the sacred tower. ---------------------------------
Lewdness affects the "lewd" factor Creampies have a percentage chance of pregnancy The protagonist's desire level can lead to interesting events in the night...... Fall in love with someone, make love, experience heartbreak and loss, play at the brothl, play with lady NPCs, anything goes, this is YOUR narrative! Watch out, this time losing battles results in a Game Over!



Developer: Team Niimii

Status: Completed

Version: v1.18

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (Manual translation by archedio and MTL by broken_division)

Platforms: Windows


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