Monster Black Market

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About game:

Player accepts a secret proposal from 'Amilia', a senior member of the continent's highest crime syndicate. She gives the player a territory, where she will test the player by having him run a monster farm and brothel using monsters and slaves. She offered a period of 50 days. If the player ran the territory and made a profit during the 50-day time period, she would accept the player into the organisation to which Amilia belonged.



Developer: Team-Apple Pie

Status: Completed

Version: v2.0.15.1 DLC

Censored: Yes

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Team-Apple Pie]


Monster Black Market +DLC [v2.0.4.0]

Player accepts a secret proposal from 'Amilia', a senior member of the continent's highest crime syndicate. She gives the player a territory, where sh ...

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