Harem Game

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About game:

The year is 20XX. Infertility threatens the social fabric. Experts in the field are urging people to get down and dirty while they're young and able.
Hiroki Suzuya, a lad who loves his H-games dearly, has taken a new step in his education, though it's off to a tragic start. For as soon as he entered the academy, a panty thief decided to pull a heist, and the innocent Hiroki bore the blind accusations. Down on his luck and with little confidence to change anything, Hiroki picks up a game he's never seen on his way back home. He boots it up, and finds it's... the kind of game where you up your character's stats and win the heroines' hearts. The stats, though, are way too easy to pump up. You can win a girl's heart without even breaking a sweat. But despite its crappiness, Hiroki finds himself getting really into it... The next day, Hiroki happens to spot a group from another academy partaking in some inter-school harassment of a group from your own, belitting them for their lack of experience with men. The H-gamer in Hiroki knows what to do... He's gotta raise their flags, and it's now or never!! "A GIRL IN THE GROUP IS ABOUT TO CRY! WHAT WILL YOU DO?" 1: AVOID GETTING INVOLVED 2: HELP HER OUT YOU HAVE SELECTED: HELP HER OUT. All that's left is to pull their heartstrings... Can Hiroki use the skills he's cultivated in the game to become the protagonist of his own world? And this group... can he win them all, making the perfect harem?!



Developer: Sweet Heart

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English, Japanese

Platforms: Windows

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