Remote Island Survival of 1 Schoolgirl and 3 Lusty Schoolboys

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About game:

Serina, a schoolgirl washes up on a remote island along with 3 schoolboys with raging hormones hungry for her pert flesh. Can she escape the island, and return home to Japan safely? The heroine is fully-voiced.
Trapped on a remote island, it's up to the heroine to make it on her own. She'll have to use whatever she can find, or whatever washes up, in order to escape. - Endurance / Hunger / Thirst Serina will get hungry and thirsty in real time. If either reach 0, her endurance will start to decrease, triggering a bad ending at 0. Carry-over New Game feature included. - Lust System The schoolboys that washed up on the island are horny as can be. At their peak horniness, they'll straight-up assault the heroine in a fit of lust. To keep them at bay, you might want to secure your sleeping quarters, or maybe give them some relief... - Affection System If your raise the affection level of the boys that washed up with you, they'll share food with you, and be more cooperative. If you don't get along so well, you'll find your path to freedom more difficult... - No time limits on your escape! Enjoy your island life, or attempt escape at a leisurely pace if you prefer! - Reminiscence Mode Included H Scene condition hints, and full-unlock mode included.



Developer: Studio Neko Kick

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL by Shisaye)

Platforms: Windows

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