My Wife Was Being Fucked By Another Man While On My Business Trip

Netorare Creampie Female protagonist Japanese game Cheating 2dcg

About game:

Her husband comes back home earlier than he told her, then... His wife is together with his coworker. It contradicts what she said... A DVD is sent to his house. He plays it and then his coworker and wife appear on the screen... In order to Masturbate husband let his wife be cucked... A wife becomes a prostitute behind husband's back... A beautiful wife tempts the guy next door behind husband's back... A married woman goes on the street behind husband's back... A wife earns money by prostitution behind husband's back... A wife cucked right before husband's eyes...



Developer: SOON

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: Japanese/English

Platforms: Windows

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I Kept Applying Hypnotism to a Classmate Many Times and Having Sex [Final]

A small gallery of vignettes, each containing a small story snippet and artwork about a man named Ken hypnotizing and fucking his classmates silly.

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