Prison on the Saddle

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About game:

Training History Akira Hinata, a sports girl who is always working on club activities with a bright smile. But these days, they have become more and more difficult to face. The family's cafeteria is targeted by the ground geriatrics shop, and he is being harassed by intimidation. Akira, who was worried about his family, rebelled against the ground geisha without paying attention to his own danger、 As a result of the direct negotiation, the condition is attached that if you win a duel with a bouncer, you will miss it.
because it was the condition that i finally installed、 It was a give-up that would approve without one or two、 She has no experience in fighting or fighting. "What should I do......If it's like this, I might be seriously injured rather than protecting my house ......" A single direct mail arrives to her who worries. "Fitness gym to teach former total passing fighting champion, membership recruitment" At a good time, Akira runs into the gym with joy. "Coach! Please teach me martial arts!」 After thinking for a while about the words of Akira who asks with so pure eyes, the coach…… "I understand.let's have a special menu. I think it will be a painful special can do it because you volunteered yourself?」 And, seems to have somehow approved. For the time being, I stood on the starting line. (No matter how hard it is, for my father and mother......I have to do my best!)) The coach was staring at the edge of his lips as he was determined to do so……



Developer: Shimizuan

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English (MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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