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About game:

One thousand years since the Hero saved the world from Demon King Adrius, his descendant, the young man Mist, resides in the distant town of Mikus. After generations of peace, Mist bears no resemblance to his famous ancestor. In fact, he's the weakest boy in the village. Sometimes the Faithful visit him, but to him they're basically a nuisance. Among the Faithful is his childhood friend Elycia. And so the scene is set for Mist's inevitable change of fate......
* GAME SHADOWCORE: An original RPG The enemy will kidnap the heroine if you lose a battle. Once kidnapped she will be taken to a dungeon somewhere. At first nothing will happen but as time passes, her faith and resistance will fade. The heroine may not think the Hero will rescue her and give up. Even if her faith is strong at the time of kidnapping she might give up quickly, so let's get in there and rescue her as soon as possible. The game features a day/night system with some differences in the dungeon.



Developer: Shadow Garden

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (Machine translation)

Platforms: Windows

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