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About game:

You work at a certain office with your supporter cat girl Maomao. One day, Maomao gets a succubus' curse during an exploration. In order to disenchant the curse, they go on an adventure to search out the succubus.
This RPG employs "automatic function". Battles can be done with simple controls. You do not have to go around dungeons repeatedly to gain her level, because you can send Maomao on automatic explorations in which she can possibly get equipment, abilities and level-up. (automatic function is not necessary to unlock all) - Three patterns of Maomao's pose art each corresponding to her health level. - This is a pure love themed game. More plays will be unlocked by growing love with Maomao and increase sexual desire level. - Character raising system includes: gaining abilities, strengthening skills, weapons, the base etc. - The game window can be minimized. - Auto battle function and high-speed battle function implemented for easier & faster gameplay.



Developer: Serurebu

Status: Completed

Version: v1.5

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese

Platforms: Windows

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