Quickfix - Laura vs You!!!

3dcg Male protagonist Humiliation Urination Female domination

About game:

Laura is about to steal an age old heirloom of yours, stop her at all costs. This is a femdom game with relevant elements.



Developer: SaltySai

Status: In progress

Version: v1.0

Censored: No

Engine: Ren'Py

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

More games from: [SaltySai]

Rating: Not rated

Anime Femdom Story 1 - Annie Leonhardt Spanks The Reader [v1.0.0]

Annie Leonhardt from Attack on titan spanks a naughty reader... why? i guess you'll just have to find out...

Rating: Not rated

Anime Femdom Story 2 - Leone, Mine And The Reader [v1.0.0]

You are on an epic quest with Leone and Mine in the Akame ga kill universe... will you allow them to do Femdom stuff to you?, or will you take the other way out?


Fate Grand Escape [Final]

Will you defeat , kill and fuck every bitch in this world?, or will you follow in your ancestor's footsteps.


League of ToxiS [v0.5.0]

An Rpg parody of League... with femdom and maledom elements.


MsQ 3D Remake [Final]

MsQ Remake is a return to form to my older game style, you have a corruption system [mind], a sub route focus for all my femdom loving fans and friend ...

Rating: Not rated

Pokeman Quest 2 - Trainer Quest Origins [Final]

In a world of male female segregation, a lone trainer takes it upon himself to... what's his goal again? Rape all the female trainers, will he succeed ...

Rating: Not rated

Quick-fix 3 [Final]

As a top-tier cop in a city infested with crime, it's up to you to clean the streets... in this installment of Quick-fix the cop Android, Yora is your ...


Rebel Academy [Ch.1-5 Final]

"Take down the school will you?" Your goal is to infiltrate the school and take it down from within... your success will be dependent on your choices and dialogue options.

Rating: Not rated

Rebel Island Remake [Final]

As a guy living in a land that has been devoid of water for years now, go on a quest to convince the Aqua Goddess to bring back the rain... or die trying.


Rebel Kingdom [Ch.4]

Escape the kingdom... that is your only goal.

Rating: Not rated

Your Chronicles [v0.2.0]

In a world unlike our own the monster girl problem has gotten out of hand, it's up to you (and your manly guild) to save it by thining the herd once again. Saving the world has never been this easy.

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