Quick-fix 3

3dcg Sci-fi Male protagonist Oral sex Humor Rape Humiliation Vaginal sex 2d game Female domination

About game:

As a top-tier cop in a city infested with crime, it's up to you to clean the streets... in this installment of Quick-fix the cop Android, Yora is your target. Too bad you didn't learn a thing about Androids in police college, hopefully a last minute call to someone in the know will enlighten you on how to take this foe down.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: SaltySai

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows


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League of ToxiS [v0.5.0]

An Rpg parody of League... with femdom and maledom elements.


MsQ 3D Remake [Final]

MsQ Remake is a return to form to my older game style, you have a corruption system [mind], a sub route focus for all my femdom loving fans and friend ...


Quickfix - Laura vs You!!! [v1.0]

Laura is about to steal an age old heirloom of yours, stop her at all costs. This is a femdom game with relevant elements.

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