Until "My Girlfriend" is Pregnant - Abduction, Confinement, Impregnation

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About game:

Yokoshima is an unsuccessful magazine editor who is in love with, the raven-haired beauty of the same company, Hazuki Ichinose. He's been trying to work up the courage to ask her on a date, but hasn’t been able to go through with it. However, it turns out that Hazuki is going to transfer overseas! If he's ever going to have a chance, he needs to follow through before that happens!



Developer: Retro lab

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English and English (Edited MTL)

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Retro lab]


The Dangerous Road Home at Night - Raw Rape, Abduction and Confinement [v2.0]

Play as 3 heroines, and find out the mystery of the disappearing schoolgirls. What lies ahead: the truth behind the incidents, or a tragic lust-filled ...

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