The Book of Tentacles

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About game:

The Book of Tentacles is a story-based fantasy RPG with a lot of erotic elements. And when I say story-based, I mean that for this game, the story aspect is just as important as the adult aspect. The game is balancing between serious storytelling and non-serious comic or erotic moments. This is a game in which you get to know the world anew in the role of a once powerful being, now devastated and completely lost. With an entire castle without a single soul inside, you will have to fill it with life again, find new friends to stand against the coming doom. At the same time solving conflicts between people, between thoughts and feelings, gradually realizing that there is something beyond this world and it is part of you. And the most important thing: despite the title, it's not about tentacles, maybe just a bit.



Developer: Re-boner Ocelot

Status: In progress

Version: v1.7.4.1

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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