Pure Fun VR

Masturbation Simulator Virtual reality 3d game Sex toys

About game:

An adult Virtual Reality Simulation game with physics in mind. Character can be moved like a puppet using your VR hands to any pose you like. Toys are animated and naughty bits are penetrable. Thread Updated: 2023-02-15 Release Date: 2022-12-09 Developer: Pure Fun Itch.io - Website Censored: No OS: Meta Quest 2 VR, PC VR Version: 0.3 Language: English Genre:
Simulation, Masturbation, Sex Toys, VR,3D Game Installation:
The file is an APK, you need to install it on your VR headset using sidequest or side load. There are lots of tutorials available on the internet on how to side load an application. Windows extract the zip file and run. Changelogs:
Update 2023-02-15: Random Physics Squirting {move your hand closer and see what happens).Support us on itch.io to get this feature. Doggy style Pose. Doggy animation works in any position but best with doggy style pose. Better sexier sound effects. More informative help instructions on the home scene. Improved wrist menu. Update 2023-01-23: Mouth is now penetrable with toys. Genitalia responds to movement when touched by your VR hands. Cardboard box added as per request from one of our fans, you will have to find it. Update 2023-01-14: PC VR version now available for download. Update 2023-01-10 Excited to announce this update V0.2.3! Update Features Include: Welcome Brandy, we have added another model to play with that comes with her own set of toys. You can switch between the Nina and Brandy via the wrist menu or play with them both. Smother, gram, move and rotation on the models giving them weight to make them more realistic. The second model has her own set of pose spheres. We have disabled player collision with the spheres for improved game play. You can still turn the spheres on and off via the wrist menu. Better genital materials. Know issues. Brand material map shows seams when viewed from a distance. They do correct as you move closer. Update: New version (0.22) with more features and minor bug fixes. Very excited to announce that we have released a update. New Features: 1. Anus is now penetrable and with that comes a new toy for her to play with. 2. Her eyes now blink to make her more realistic. 3. Chair can now be used in poses. 4. By far the most exciting feature is that you can now push the model's body with your hands into poses without grabbing. This feature is experimental. Please view the video on our developer website that will explain this feature better. 5. She dyed her hair. Bugfixes: 1. Less knock backs when interacting with the model. (Still happens sometimes) v0.2.1 Initial Release Developer Notes:
Please see website for timeline, video and more details. The game has been tested on a Meta Quest 2. Both PC and Android versions, and should be compatible with other headsets. Note: We had some of our fans asking. What is the reason for the gigantic naked model in the intro scene that you can walk around on before entering the game? We call her "Dawn". She is the first model we used when we started development on the game. There has been about 30 iterations made of her to get to the models currently in the game. That said she is very close to our hearts and will remain as a fitting icon to the start of the game "Dawn" where she belongs as she signals where we started from and the rest of the game shows how far we have come. DOWNLOAD QUEST VR: MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - PIXLDRAIN WINDOWS PC VR: MEGA - WORKUPLOAD - PIXELDRAIN


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Purefun

Status: In progress

Version: v0.3

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: PC

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