LewDemon Academy ~Student Council President Ayaka's RPG Struggle~

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About game:

With the abrupt appearance of an evil poltergeist, mayhem is breaking out around the academy. The player must control student council president Ayaka Sendou and seal away the evil once more!!
* Plenty of effects to liven up the Event Scenes. Cross-section cuts for penetration, creampie, etc can be toggled ON / OFF and cut-ins with magnified views of private parts implemented. Also, upon procuring the item in game, you can equip the character with glasses if you wish. * In Battle Erotic Scenes Of course there are defeat events when you lose in battle but also, erotic events with images displayed when enemies perform special lewd attacks during battle. * Outfit Changing suitable for the academic situation. Uniform in the academy grounds, PE uniform on the sports field, swimsuit at the pool. The character's outfit will change to suit the place. Of course, when a defeat event occurs, or when erotic scenes happen in battle, the scene will properly reflect the outfit being worn. * Event scenes are Fully Voiced! * 19 base CG (not including pose art) + variations = 176 total images * Reminiscence & CG modes implemented. Any event scene seen in game will be available to enjoy at any time.



Developer: pumpkin

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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