Hentai High-school

Corruption Male protagonist Lesbian Tentacles Oral sex Handjob Bdsm Teasing Prostitution Exhibitionism Titfuck Management Voyeurism Group sex Groping School setting Spanking Virgin 2dcg Vaginal sex Sex toys Anal sex

About game:

Due to some convenient circumstances, you became principal of a high-school at age 23. After a bet with a friend of yours, you have to transform the school into a hentai-school, where the students would become sex-maniacs. You have 15 years to do so. Good luck. The game has an NG+ feature where you earn orbs throughout your playthroughs which can be used to unlock more stuff for future playthroughs. Once an image has been seen in the game, it is also added to the "Gallery" folder in the file system.



Developer: Pookla

Status: Completed


Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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