Chris Survival

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About game:

In the year 20xx, a massive hurricane has appeared on the high sea, and a preliminary investigation has determined that the root of the terrifying weather is something residing on the remote island at the center of it. Various countries dispatch reconnaissance teams to the island in hopes of seizing the abnormal power for themselves, but the hurricane has till now left no survivors. One particularly powerful nation decides to stop playing around, and deploys a full force, led by a fiery young female general named Chris, to assault the island. However, a gigantic monster assaults the ships amidst a great storm, and Chris falls overboard, only to wash up alone on the island...! Chris can only pray her subordinates are okay as she navigates the island while trying to survive. What Chris doesn't yet realize is that this island holds nothing but the worst in store for her...
Gameplay In this adult-only survival RPG, you play as heroine Chris, who is trying to avoid enemy assault and find a way to escape the mysterious island she finds herself on. There are no complex story or puzzle elements, and the game is more focused on finding H events. Total playtime: Approx. 2~3 hours Battle System The game uses a hybrid batlefuck system. Those who enjoy the challenge of ero battle have a nice selection of ero skills to employ, while those just looking to see events can use the ultimate skill to mop up enemies in a flash. Ero Statuses We've made lots of changes since our previous game "Shrine Maiden Goddess"! There are lots of bad statuses and equipment that alter Chris' pose art, and they can overlap, resulting in over 16000 possible patterns! These bad statuses also impact H attack damage, success rate, and even allow you to gather special materials. Keep on the lookout! Open World This game utilizes an open-world, allowing you to freely explore right after the opening event! Search the island at your leisure! The ending changes depending on where you visit, in what order, and what events you've collected. There are 6 endings, in addition to 6 bad endings.



Developer: Poison

Status: Completed

Version: v1.11

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (Edited MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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