Purin To Ohuro V2: Onii-chan Bath Assault

Adventure Combat Loli Japanese game Animated 3d game

About game:

Purin To Ohuro V2: Onii-chan Bath Assault About this game: Purin to Ohuro ("to ohuro" is another way to say と お風呂 also pronounced "to opuro" which means "and bath") is a game where a girl named "Purin" is taking a bath and begins to angrily attack the player for peeping on her, and the player has the option of fighting back. If Purin defeats the player, the player will fall unconscious. If the player defeats Purin, she'll get out of the bath and running out the bathroom door, closing it, if the player hits her on her last HP she'll be knocked out. When Purin gets out the bath and the player punches her quick enough, she'll fall back into the bath unconscious (Possibly dead)..............Be Careful!!!



Developer: Parabolica

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Engine: Unity

Platforms: Windows

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