The Evil Guards of the Merchant City: Lady Prisoners Underground APPEND

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About game:

You're a guard in a bustling merchant town. Every day is full of people coming and going, and every day you've got to keep a sharp eye out for anyone who might disturb the peace. Arrest suspicious people and outright criminals to rise through the ranks! There are women among the wretched lot, however, and it's standard practice in your garrison to give such criminals a few more options when it comes to atoning for their crimes. You'll be able to "interrogate" them, force them into prostitution, and even hold them in a secret underground prison... And if all that hard work has you feeling not yourself, head on over to the pleasure quarter on your day off to take in some dancing, meet some women, and more!
You can get girls in prison pregnant, defeat a female bandit and fuck her silly, slip the prisoners sleeping pills, and more! There are over 400 animated H scenes to enjoy! Characters you can apprehend are randomly generated using Live2D -- with tons of variations in chest size, body type, age, eye type, personality, skin color, and pubic hair, there's no shortage of women to play with! H scenes are animated and feature sound effects to match the randomly-generated characters, and there are several places you can choose to enjoy. The ass and pussy are fair game, and sometimes you may even be able to select the mouth or get a titjob. You can zoom in, you can see internal views, toggle pubic hair, hide or adjust the man's dick size, and more! And you can change it all at any time... Your goal as a guard is to move up in the ranks, and as you work you'll discover bad girls in need of punishment. Some of them may fight back, however, so there is a combat system. But don't worry.-- the difficulty is easy to change. There's a gallery system that allows you to play with any prisoner you want again and again, and a Criminal ID system that allows you to generate a code for girls you like. After beating the game, all scenes will be unlocked, and you'll be able to use the Editor to enjoy them with any girl you'd like!



Developer: Osanagocoronokimini

Status: Completed

Version: v2.08 Fix

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (Edited MTL? Maybe?)

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Osanagocoronokimini]


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