Why My Alchemist Sister Collects Cum - Baby Making Through Cheating SEX! Oneshota RPG

Incest Pregnancy Creampie Female protagonist Groping Japanese game Shota Cheating Internal view 2dcg Vaginal sex 2d game Censored

About game:

Two sisters are impregnated by their younger brother's penis! They bounce their cheating pussies on dick and moan lewdly as they are impregnated! An RPG of sisters who get addicted to incest SEX, cheating SEX, and impregnation SEX! Brothers, sons, fathers, creeps, NTR'ed husband... these men and more get drained!
30+ Main Events + Optional Events [ Protagonist - Wendy's Play ] Retail version includes: - Reverse rape from younger brothers - Male virgin cherry popp'n - Cheating child bearing sex with father - Inseminated by the adventurers smegma ridden dick - Public incestual sex - Baby making with Ellie - Shrunken body cheating sex - Sexually educating her son - Drunken hookup sex and generic rape - Swapping sex with other siblings - Birthing show ...and more! [ Sub Heroine - Ellie's Play ] Retail version includes: - Baby making with an innocent young man - Cheating child bearing sex with father - Inseminated by the adventurers smegma ridden dick - Public incestual sex - Baby making with Wendy - Shrunken body cheating sex - Sexually educating her son - Incestual sex with her friend/'s father - Swapping sex with other siblings - Birthing show ...and more! [ Item alchemy system implemented! ] Collect items and use alchemy to create high ranking items. The materials include cum, urine, H hairs, breast milk, etc... What will be created by combining these items? (In the retail version you can make swimsuits, cum dildo, etc.) [ Corrupt 2 sisters' wombs with CUM! Includes womb integrity settings! ] Each girl's pussy has womb integrity, and only the male who cream-pies her when the status is at 0 will be able to impregnate her! [ Includes internal / external cum shot functions! ] Choose to finish inside or outside! You can bukkake to drench the girls in cum too! [ "Semen Overwriting" System Is Implemented ] Before going to bed, you can alter who the father will be... whose cum will ultimately claim the victory of insemination rights!? Use your wit, plan who finally cums inside and conceal any evidence of your adultery! [ Let's complete "Certification of Birthing" by having cheating sex with all men! ] [ The characters' names can be changed anytime ] You can change the names of both female and male protagonists. [ Go on a nighttime "stroll" with the sisters ] There are different events for each sister! Go around town to enjoy different types of sexual experiences! Even the younger brother's have special H? [ Smoooooth pussy variations included. Let's enjoy Shaving Play! ] You can enjoy shaving in the bathroom. Some may prefer hairless c*nt!? "Hair Growing Drug" recovers the pubic hair. [ "Selling Panties" System implemented! ] Smelly panties can be sold for making money! Higher lewdness level makes panties smellier and therefore more valuable. Even urine can be sold by saving urine in your pee bottle! [ Memories can be accessed and watched again ] There's no need for a gallery when you can just pop into her mind -- erotic event memories are items meaning you can watch them freely any time. [ Fast travel on the map with the "teleport" skill ] [ New Game Plus feature ] When you start a new game after completing the game, you'll carry over all items and levels. Experience the second play-through stress-free and discover missed events!



Developer: Ore Teki Shikou

Status: Completed

Version: v1.10

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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