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About game:

What is QOS♠MILF? MILF is written as "Mother I'd Like to Fuck" plus QOS generally refers to mature women who want to have sex with black girls!
Story 1 During the summer vacation, the son of the Nishimura family brought his black classmate Danze I went home to start boarding life. As a teacher, Nishimura Misato, that is, her mother, never thought that her husband would suddenly lose his job . He couldn't find a job for a while, and under the introduction of the card given by Denzel, he recommended him to join the QOSCLUB job of the black father. Under Lisa's training, it became a story of black sex slaves♠ Story 2 Denzel's mother and father are the heroine and heroine of QOSWIFE, who extended here to give birth to Denzel, Lisa Anderson and Cole Anderson When I came to Japan , I changed into the QOS Club mother-san and QOS Club manager. On the surface, they are the people in charge of the bar, and they handle the membership prostitution operation in private. But after Denzel’s intervention, the two mothers and daughters soon fell, and Denzel was all in their minds, and finally became a bitch who couldn’t live without the BBC♠



Developer: ntrworld

Status: Completed

Version: 2023-01-04

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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