Survival on Amazonia

Rpg Male protagonist Monster Handjob Turn based combat 2dcg 2d game Character creation

About game:

You get shipwrecked on an island, where you meet a beautiful woman and dangerous creatures.



Developer: Noxurtica

Status: Abandoned

Version: v0.5

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Noxurtica]


BDSM Apocalypse [v0.4.1]

You are a mercenary In an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, killer robots, warlords, and raiders. After a job gone bad, you end up as a refugee in ...

Rating: Not rated

Demon Tamer [v0.1]

Demons have taken over the world. You are a mage with the power to tame demons and beasts. You will need to tame them to find a way to win back your world.


Master vs Slave [V0.5]

You can choose to be a kind, loving master or a sadistic one. You can play as a submissive, loyal slave or a defiant one plotting revenge or escape.


Mistress vs Slave [v3.0]

You play as a human princess that wants to become queen. Your goal is to politically maneuver your way to political dominance. Through fortunate circu ...

Rating: Not rated

My Smug Bully Girlfriend [v1]

You're a minimum wage worker with a smug bully girlfriend from a rich family. In an effort to impress her, you get involved in activities that may put you in danger of losing her as well as yourself.


The Mercenary King [v0.8]

NOTE: The game has been flagged by Microsoft as having a Trojan. It's a false positive that stems from the game engine (SRPG studio). Obviously, it's ...


The Princess of Mekana [Demo]

You play as the Royal Retainer, a powerful position as the personal attendant of the Princess. After an assassination attempt leaves the king incapaci ...


Training Leah [Final]

After having defeated countless monsters and even some demons, you were gifted a hero's sword that came with a lot of prestige. Along with the prestig ...


Vampire's Slave [Final]

You are a normal farmhand when one evening on your way home, you are kidnapped by a vampire. In her enormous castle full of dungeons and dangerous mon ...

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