Roshutsu Playing Game

Rpg Masturbation Exhibitionism Female protagonist Voyeurism Loli Japanese game Urination 2dcg 2d game Censored

About game:

The main character "Mie" is interested in exposure play, but a little shy girl enjoys exposure play in a distant town where you do not know the face. At first, you pretend to be careless If you have the courage to be exposed (the level of courage), you can go into a mixed bathing public bath , masturbate outside, take off your pants, and put it in. It's a panchira event with your pants off. If you wake up something else ... If the courage level goes up, the content of the exposure play will gradually become radical and you will be able to see and show masturbation, so let's raise the courage level and enjoy the exposure play.



Developer: Nijiiro no Niji

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL by Asuna. )

Platforms: Windows

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