Erotica Exorcist

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About game:

Mari and Ruri who were the shrine maidens came to a deserted house to exterminate evil spirits. However, this evil spirits took over both of them since, it's power was very strong and could not be exterminated. And the moment they were possessed... Mari: "Wha, what is this, where, where am, I, touching!?" Ruri: "I hate, naughty things, no, don't!" Regardless of their own will, two started masterbating. This ghost have passed away while they still remained as a virgin and, they have strong regrets toward this world and, have turned into an extremely evil spirits. Although two have struggled to exterminate them but, could not fight against the evil spirits and, started doing bunch of naughty things. The two gets developed and, became hornier and hornier...
Mari Height 156 cm. Her tits are relatively huge and, in good shape. A naive girl with pink hair. She is nice to everybody and, people at school referred her as a god. She is a little dim but, there are guys who think that's what they like about her. She does not think highly of guys, who look at her in an erotic way. Ruri Height 157 cm. Her tits is as large as Mari's. She is friendly to girls but, is harsh to guys. The girl from the school called her an angel and, the guys from the school called her as the Ice queen. She is a perfectionist who can achieve anything and, is even good at sports and studying. She disliked anything erotic that, she feels ill just by looking at adult magazines.



Developer: Nekoshaku

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL)

Platforms: Windows

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