SW Life - Losing Innocence

Adventure Masturbation Female protagonist 2dcg

About game:

"The game is a story based Life simulation with a part of adult content - you can guess what kind of, yes that kind of -. You are a young female from a small farming village, where you lived with your parents and grandparents. Once when you were 8 years old, your parents died in a fire accident, and you almost become an orphan. Your grandparents survived the fire and adopted and raised you. There are rumors you has a lost brother somewhere in the big world, but its never confirmed. Your grandparents were old when they adopted you, and when you become 16 your grandfather died in old age, soon after that the next when you become 18 your grandmother died of sadness because her lost husband, your grandfather. So you left alone in a small house in your home town. You have no choice but to sell the old family house and move in the big city. You made your move, and sold the house then traveled to the nearest big city. In the city you bought a little apartment there. All of your money went to the apartment, so you need to go look for a job, and its depends on the You what kind of job you get, how you collect the money for survive, you work the old fashion way or you are open other kind of jobs. ;-) The main story line is to survive in the big city somehow, and find clues that will lead to long-lost brother. " ~Patreon


Rating: Not rated

Developer: Modzso

Status: Abandoned

Version: v1.6.5

Engine: Ren'Py


Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Modzso]

Rating: Not rated

Ghost of Fables [Ch. 1]

"At the moment there is no public information. Maybe later" ~Patreon "Description: Story based visual novel game." Deviantart

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