Crimson Veil

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About game:

Crimson Veil is an RPG Maker game focused around vampires and temptation. You play as Mila, a vampire hunter who harbors secret fantasies of being taken and turned into a vampire, but is conflicted with betraying her duty as a member of her guild, Noctorna. Join her fight against the forces of the night and protect humanity from the rising threat of the undead, or surrender and witness the myriad ways Mila falls to darkness and debauchery.
The game is a work in progress and (as of version 4.0.1) currently features: - 91 unique pieces of artwork which can be collected for your in-game Picture Gallery. - Over 45 fully illustrated characters to interact with. Each character has multiple facial expressions and some also have different costumes and forms. - A large quantity of different "Bad Endings" each featuring unique artwork and some including a few extended playable endings. - 3 main story chapters centered around Noctorna's battle against the undead. - Over 20 optional hunting contracts and side quests, most of which will have you facing (and possibly becoming) a succubus, alraune, bee girls, lamias, slime girls, and more! - An alternate Vampire Route in which Mila becomes a mistress of the night - take on an entirely separate story if you so desire.



Developer: MKRUdesign

Status: In progress

Version: v5.0.1

Censored: No

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android

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