Fluttery Magic War

Masturbation Monster Prostitution Female protagonist Rape Voyeurism Combat Japanese game Side-scroller Interracial 2dcg 2d game Censored

About game:

[2048] Tokyo Through the secret maneuvers of cult organizations, the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, was in an unprecedented crisis. Against a background of a hierarchical and isolated society, people appeared who seemed like they were saving people and performing the miracles of God, but was actually a cult that by brainwashing people who came for help continued to expand. The name of the religious group was "Saintly peace & healing truth organization" By the time it had become a social problem, it was already impossible to handle, and the number of believers was over 300,000 people.
[2052] The religious group was said to have been starting to administer zombie medicine stolen from a military facility in the national bio strategic zone to the believers. Success in making humans and animals zombies. In this way, humans whose thought circuits had been stopped exploded into the towns and provoked a civil war in Tokyo between Japan and the religious organization. [2054] The civil war grew ever fierce, and the government decided to send one magic girl "Yuina" to the front lines. Yuina headed to the religious organization in the name of love and justice. She was a girl who had faith in her ability to use magic to defeat zombies. She fought on her own to take the religious group down. * Magic girl fighting for love and justice!? Yuina is normally just an ordinary high school girl...? This high school girl wore fluttery clothes and set out on a battle. Yuina has loved animation since a long time ago, and this was probably the image for the magic girl. As Yuina goes into battle, scandals about her emerge one after the other. Masturbation at school, prostitution mat play, outdoor sex, bitch suspicion, adult video performances, public obscenity etc. Can magic girl "Yuina" still save the world despite becoming embroiled in so many scandals?



Developer: Miracle Heart

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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