Free Cities: Origins

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About game:

Free Cities: Origins (FCO) is an HTML game developed using SugarCube 2 based on the famous Free Cities HTML game by FCAuthor. While FreeCities was a management-centric game, we wanted to give an RPG spin on it. In FCO you are thrown into the world years after the fall of modern civilization. The Gregorian calendar while still in use, has reset its year sometime in the past. You start as an unfortunate soul who is enslaved by slave owner Shintani Hiroyuki, who, unbeknownst to him, is obsessed with his Japanese heritage and seeks to rebuild the civilizations from the myths of old. The game takes the player on a journey from slavehood to eventually the main character in a power struggle between settlements and the last centralized power, the Trade Union. From here, the player can align themselves with a particular faction, affecting the entire game world. The world itself is dynamic and constantly changing, many of these changes are completely unknown to the player until they receive higher status and thus intel. The world also features a dynamic economy that operates on Supply-and-Demand and simulated Brownian motion. The final phase of the game (in development) is to build a settlement from the ground up which will be the first Free City. We plan to have complex diplomatic and economic actions against other settlements, and of course, complex actions with player vassals and subjects. Gameplay:
Currently, gameplay is limited to areas within Nipon (the main starting settlement), and the game follows two subphases (of Phase 1). Subphase 1: The player is a low slave and thus needs to grind their way up by maintaining a high trust and obedience. This part of the game is slightly grind-heavy (but should be easy on a lower difficulty [maybe 5-10 minutes?]) and meant to be some-what monotonous as we wanted to show how terrible being a slave actually was! Subphase 2: Once you raise your status you will be able to leave Shintani's home and explore Nipon. Here you can interact with the economy and make money by working at the Mines. You can train at the barracks as well. You will be able to start molesting Shintani's slaves by increasing your willpower (from being outside) and interacting with them past 12AM. While you could do this earlier, it's only feasible now since you can raise your willpower. Finally you'll also be able to purchase your own slaves and manage them. Phase 2: (In development) Exiting Nipon and exploring the world Phase 3: (In development) Build own settlement (Free City) from the ground up.



Developer: Mimus Studios

Status: Onhold

Version: v0.

Censored: No

Engine: HTML

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

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