Idol Mystic Knightess Fyllia Downfall Life Filled With Humiliation

Rpg Corruption Big tits Fantasy Futa/trans Exhibitionism Female protagonist Rape Humiliation 2dcg Vaginal sex Censored

About game:

Fyllia is a Mystic Knightess who belongs to the Magicians' Association. In the middle of her way home after a quest she was assaulted by a creature, resulting in a curse that "weakens her each time she beats an enemy"! So she tries to kill monsters as less as possible in order to prevent further effect of the curse, but she soon gets weaker than a slime before she knew it. Even worse, it turns out that Fyllia got not only a single curse but also another. The another curse put on Fyllia is that "any curses she gets take root in her if she were not able to disenchant the curse within 100 days". Provided the another curse, she has only 30 days remaining. However, her master gives her a charm that "turns her sense of shame into EXP (and additionally makes her face erotic situation more often)", which means she is now able to regain power as strong as she was. Will Fyllia be able to disenchant the curse and regain things she originally had...!?
H Scenes This work contains plenty of events related to exhibition and humiliation. Also, some events levels in themselves with changing contents. [Event Scenes] - walks around the town for training without panties, but the level of exposure gradually increases... - works in a food stand with magic mirrors. But the magic runs out in the middle of work... - defeated and made into a slave. Ordered to prostitute in a costume like a dog... - defeated by an evil creature and given futanari glans vibrator teasing in public... And more. 41 H events (39 base CGs) / 11 scenes of pose art erotica (6 base CG) 10 x dress-up equip + naked = 11 patterns total! Different equipment causes (partially) different response from townspeople. [System] Basic instruction! - She can work and get money and EXP using HP in the town. - She can get money and reputation value by finishing quests and helping townspeople. - When her reputation value is increased, she may get reward money and new quests. - Raise her level by means of H things and arrange weapon and armor in order to chase after the creature that cast curses on her. Reminiscence mode available! - You can enjoy H scenes that you have seen. - You can also check pose art for each equipment. - Locations and conditions of each event can be checked for easy completion of events.



Developer: Milky Way

Status: Completed

Version: v1.04

Censored: Yes

Engine: RPGM

Languages: English (MTL by Thant San)

Platforms: Windows


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