Ludus Master

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About game:

Ludus Master is an adult, management style game, situated in an ancient Rome times. You play as a young guy who must return from military service after his father's death to take over family business. However, you find his life's work - a Ludus school, in ruins and you must start over.
Your task is to acquire a servant, asses her abilities and talents and decide an appropriate type of training for her. Then you have to oversee the training, design daily routine for her or give her special tasks. Different types of servants give you unique option - some can cook, some can gather resources, work with customers or even fight like gladiators. Your villa, where most of your work will take place is in disrepair. Buy new furniture, equipment and decorations. Organize lavish feasts or orgies to acquire prestige. Raise in social rank to get new options, special work opportunities or quests. Feed all members of your household. Better quality food will grant various bonuses, while starving servants can run away. Cooking raw food is cheaper than buying finished food, but it takes time. Go fishing for alternative food income or buy a land and farm it or raise farm animals. The game is full 3D. You control your character in a 3rd person view and you can rotate/zoom your camera, even during sex scenes. Scenes are controllable - select position, pace, view or even manually control your character during the scene. Thread Updated: 2023-03-23 Release Date: 2023-03-22 Developer: Mike Velesk Patreon - Website - Wiki Censored: Optional Version: 1.1 OS: Windows Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech (all auto translated) Others Games: Total Seduction - Warlock of Lust - Life of Holly Genre:
3D Game, Historical, Male Protagonist, Animated, MILF, Virgin, BDSM, Corruption, Cosplay, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Combat, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal Sex, Internal View, Trainer Installation:
1. Extract and run. Select chosen game from the launcher. Changelog:
Version 1.1 New servant training type - a performer. Servants trained as performer are employed during parties as musicians or dancers. When there is no party, they are sent to streets to earn small income by presenting their art publicly. Livia got a new quest line. Following this quest line will unlock a lot of new scenes for Livia, but also a new party type - an orgy. Gallery function implemented. Galleries can by accessed by pressing Alt+C or clicking on a "gallery book" in game. Each NPC have a number of galleries tied to him/her and they are unlocked when the corresponding scene is played in game. Galleries are saved in separate save file "gallery1.sav" and they remain unlocked even if you start a new game-play. Gallery can be transferred between game versions by copying the gallery1.sav file to a new download. A lot of optimizations and bug fixes. Large maps optimized for slower computers - they are now less computationally demanding. There is also a new option in the menu to reduce background clutter. Issues with saving/loading in generated dungeons solved. Increase back compatibility between versions for saves as some issues were identified and corrected. Download page reworked. Version 1.0 Events room added - you can refurbish one room in your villa into an events room and organize small, private events there. In this version, there are 11 different events that can happen there, each with unique scenes and interactions. Automated translation to different languages (through google translate). German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech More maps converted into new format. Bugfixes and some balancing changes. Version 0.9 Two new characters - Boudica and Skuda. Boudica is captured Briton queen, entrusted to you for training as a gladiatrix. Once you start her training, pay focus to it daily, otherwise it may go wrong. Skuda is a former Scythian auxiliary in legion and your new tutor for gladiatrixes (only Boudica in this version). You must find her a hire her first, before you start with Boudica's training. She has a minor quest arch, which will unlock new scenes for her. Several maps were converted into the new format and expanded. Villa now has more rooms, but their usefulness will be reveled in further versions. New save file format. This means all old saves from previous versions (for all games) cannot be transferred and used. This was necessary for planned new platform's functionality, such as scene gallery. v0.81 - Bugfix for courtesan quest, bugfix for wedding content. v0.8 - Story continues for your new wife, Aemilia. After the wedding, speak with her about her contribution. She suggests you should build either a private lounge for her (to increase your Prestige) or a tailor shop (to gain modest income). Each option is viable and present new situations and scenes. In both cases, you can limit Aemilia's interactions with her customers if you talk to her duing evening (manage-sluttyness). - Chat with Aemilia at the evening, as she will react to different events. Events that she will react to are: If you had an intimate moment with Livia or Cornelia, if you punished servant at the racks, if you visited her at her workplace and if you included Cornelia in your evening time together. - There is also a perv. training for Aemilia at the evening, however in this version, it only includes two scenes. v0.7 - Flavia and Aemilia added - you will have to persuade Flavia to give you her daughter Aemilia for marriage. Teach Aemilia wife duties and join together in a unique wedding party. - 3 new random encounters. They have a 10% chance to trigger while traveling on map. - New farm update. Several bug fixes and optimizations. v0.6 - Seline added - she is a young noblewoman who ask you to train her as an Egyptian cat servant to please her future husband. You can meet her at the marked and if you agree to train her, she will move to your villa. - Farm system upgrades - you can now plant fruit trees, vineyards and have cows for milk or chicken for eggs. There is a new "farm help" table next to farms to describe the process of farming, tools that can be used and farm servant role - Farm servant training renamed to Work servant (as it was miss-labeled before) and a new farm servant training added. Farm servants can harvest produce from farms. - Many smaller tweaks and bug fixes. Servants that earn money now earn more with higher skill. Player now gather more resources. New cheat code, kitchen upgrade, etc. v0.5 - elite courtesan training - different from all other trainings as it is more complex, but also more rewarding. It is unlocked by achieving Aedile rank. - new tutor Sabina can be hired - improved animations and fixed memory leaks v0.4 - A new "baths" training. - Cornelia quest was concluded and have two very different endings. - You can now organize parties at your villa to gain prestige. - Sound was added into the game as well as new dialogs, scenes, villa upgrades, etc. - Servants now have special talents that makes them more unique. DOWNLOAD Win: GOFILE - MEDIAFIRE - MEGA - MIXDROP



Developer: Mike Velesk

Status: In progress

Version: v1.1

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Czech (all auto translated)

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [Mike Velesk]

Rating: Not rated

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