Corruption Mind control Male protagonist Futa/trans Handjob Romance Teasing Group sex Text based Groping Horror 2dcg Multiple penetration Vaginal sex

About game:

You are a 24-year-old male graduate student studying Archaeology at modern-day Miskatonic University. Being the perfect student, you are on the road to achieve your dreams and with your whole life ahead of you. All of that begins to change when a mysterious artifact is discovered outside of Dunwich. Do you have what it takes to transform your school into your own personal harem while avoiding suspicion, and bring about a lustful apocalypse? In Artifact you have one school year to stealthily turn the entire campus into your sex-crazed bimbo sluts, without being caught by a mysterious rival who's on the hunt for you. Artifact is a Lovecraftian adult text adventure coded in Twine. It is currently in alpha, and is early access. There will be over 20 unique characters (about a 2:5 male-to-female ratio) and there over 90 possible sex scenes.



Developer: Mesmerizers

Status: In progress

Version: Demo

Censored: No

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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