My Girlfriend Gets Aroused Watching Me Having Sex With Another Girl

Male protagonist Masturbation Oral sex Harem Handjob Creampie Multiple endings Titfuck Voyeurism Japanese game 2dcg Vaginal sex Sex toys Censored

About game:

Kitamura Satoshi lives his happy university life with his girlfriend, Kawai Shiori. That is until one day she discovers a porn on his computer about a cheating wife. Shiori confused by this runs away. After few days not talking to each other, she finally approaches Satoshi. Prepared for the worst, he thinks she is going to break up with him. But she said something completely crazy: "H-have sex... in front of me... with another girl!" And so their relationship complicates.



Developer: Material

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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