Phantom Knight

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About game:

Cloaked in the dark clouds of a necromancer's curse, the once-prosperous town of Aquablum has fallen into ruin. A lone swordsman appears. His name is Icarus. Questing variously in Aquablum against girl-like opponents with lewd tactics, Icarus could be the town's liberator, or its worst scourge. Why has he come here...?



Developer: MASURAO

Status: Completed

Version: Final

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

More games from: [MASURAO]

Rating: Not rated

Magical Girl Kureha [Final]

The girl who is chosen as the guardian... doesn't have a sword to destroy the evil kind. The devil who has the sword... has no belief in the justice. ...

Rating: Not rated

Magical Girl Kureha Twist [Final]

Kureha, mercenary defender of justice, slayer of the master of darkness, forever fighting for goodness... Evil sorceress Asura seeks the ring of elf h ...


Mizuki Island [Final]

It was a stormy night. The choppy seas tossed Mizuki and Kenichi onto a deserted beach. Her enticing breasts barely contained in her bikini, she and h ...


Molester Game [Final]

Mihoko Sawatari ended up being the new violation target for Yuuichi Sakurai, the serial molester. However, having done this so many times, he starts o ...


Suzuka's Melody [Final]

Suzuka, a girl who has a feeling for her big brother and Yosuke, her brother who is confused to see her matured... A fragile life with the step sister begins!

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