Iris Covenant - To The Depths Of The Earth -

Rpg Mind control Big tits Male protagonist Male domination Fantasy Lesbian Monster Tentacles Bukkake Oral sex Creampie Multiple endings Female protagonist Monster girl Titfuck Rape Group sex Groping Combat Horror Graphic violence Japanese game Side-scroller Animated Ahegao Voiced 2dcg Multiple penetration Necrophilia Vaginal sex 2d game Censored Dystopian setting

About game:

One day, something happened to a small village south of the Kingdom of Forvinnia. The entrance to a dungeon, suspected of being a monster's den, was discovered, and several villagers were taken. Rumors of monster attacks began to swirl, until, finally, they reached the King's ears. In hopes of calming the turmoil, a local lord is trying to attract capable adventurers, with promise of luxurious rewards…
Dungeon-Crawling Action RPG. You can select the gender of the main character, which will change the direction the H-Scenes take. Some enemy characters, excluding bosses, can become your allies, with their own skills. Features Multiple Endings. Some characters can only be unlocked during the second playthrough. There are over 50 erotic scenes in total, most focusing on rape, domination, mind control etc.



Developer: MaraStudio

Status: Completed

Version: v1.21

Censored: Yes

Engine: Others

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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