Altum Depths

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About game:

Altum Depths is an FPS / RPG hybrid wherein players lead a clan of emotionally driven NPC's to profit and glory, but mostly profit. Major fetishes which will be included: Impregnation, vanilla, consensual hand holding. Not to be included: snuff-scat-guro-toilet.
Inspired by games such as; Crusader Kings, Aquanox, and Rogue Trader, Altum Depths is destined to become a fully featured sandbox which will offer hundreds of hours of entertainment. Key to this goal are the ACTORS (see FAQ for details) within the Game World which will help, hinder, romance, and kill one another based upon their complex personality matrices. During a game the player will control the fate of their own faction of Actors, and the leader of this faction will be the players avatar. Time moves quickly in Altum and in a few short hours the Actor you play as will die of old age! Move quickly to accomplish goals with the time your actor has left, find a spouse, and rear an heir, because in Altum Depths death is not the end. Instead when the player is killed in combat (or the overworld) the clans designated heir (who you choose) will become your new Avatar! The people of Altum favor leaders from established bloodlines, and this is a good thing, because in a few short generations you're first character will have established a broad lineage of descendants.


Rating: Not rated

Developer: MapleSweetStudio

Status: Abandoned

Version: Alpha 2.0

Censored: No

Engine: Unity

Languages: English

Platforms: Windows

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